The first atlas (1984-1989)

Breeding bird atlases were started in Europe, and the first, which treated the birds of Britain and Ireland, was published in 1976. The first North American atlas for an entire state or province was The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Vermont, published in 1985. This was closely followed by The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario, published in 1987. The first Québec Breeding Bird Atlas was published 1995 (French version). The English version, The Breeding Birds of Québec: Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Southern Québec, appeared a year later.

This atlas, which was edited by Jean Gauthier and Yves Aubry, is a major reference work for those interested in the birds of Québec. Weighing in at 6 kg, this 1295-page volume was the result of six years of fieldwork (1984-1989) and includes 1400 photographs and 5000 references.

Although the French edition is sold out, there are still a few copies of the English version available ($50 plus postage and packaging). A bilingual DVD version ($19.95 plus postage and packaging) has also been published in 2009. You can purchase either of these items by contacting the Regroupement QuébecOiseaux at 1-888-647-3289.