Atlas results (maps)

This page allows you to consult and compare maps showing the results obtained during the first (1984-1989) and second (2010-2014) atlas projects. Using the drop-down menus below, select the type of map that you wish to consult (e.g., 'Species maps' (after which you should select the species of interest); 'Number of point counts' (showing the number of point counts completed for a given square), or 'Number of species per square' (showing the number of species found per square)), and then select the atlas project of interest. The right-hand drop-down menu allows you to display the results for the whole province, or just for the southeast or southwest. Finally, select 'Display map', to show the results. The other buttons under the drop-down menus allow you to alternate between the results of the first and second atlas (if applicable), and to flip through the species distribution maps, which are in alphabetical order. Data contained in these maps are updated twice a month.

Disclaimer: Data contained in these maps are provisional data that have not necessarily been reviewed or edited, and may be subject to significant change. These data have been released for public interest only. If you wish to use the data in a publication, research or for any purpose, or would like information concerning the accuracy and appropriate uses of these data, read the data use policy or contact us at: 1-418-648-3923, e-mail: